Power through Efficiency


Applications include many winch type operations such as net hauling winches, constant tensioning drives, heave compensation drives, anchor winches and capstan drives. SAI motors are also used on hatch cover drives, fish pumps, steering and thruster drives and propeller drives.

Applications include plastic and rubber injection moulding machinery, printing machinery, steel working plant, concrete making machinery, pipe tightening machines and conveyor drives

SAI motors can be supplied without any bronze components making them very suitable for running on oil/water emulsions and other fire resistant fluids. Applications include the specially designed skid steer loader shown.

The first ever SAI motor was used in an agricultural application and today they are used to drive tractors, excavators, golf course maintenance vehicles, harvesting equipment and crop sprayers.

Applications in this market sector include road sweepers, skid steer loaders, truck mounted concrete mixers, mobile conveyers and amphibious vehicles.