Power through Efficiency

High technology hydraulic motors with excellent performance and efficiency

SAI (GB) Limited are the sole UK distributor for the SAI range of crankshaft design radial piston hydraulic motors and ancilliary components including gearboxes and brakes.

Unique Service

A quick and personal service. Enquiries are dealt with on receipt and usually quoted the same day.

High Performance Products

Hydraulic motors that offer great efficiency throughout the normal operating range.

Vast Experience

SAI have been specialising in manufacturing Hydraulic Motors for over 50 years.



SAI Motors drive wheels, conveyors, axles, augers and much more.


SAI Motors drive winches, thrusters, hatch covers and much more.


SAI Motors drive drilling rigs, road planers, dump trucks and much more.


SAI Motors drive tunneling machines, loaders, road headers and much more.